Faculty Ali Ejaz

Ali Ejaz

Assistant Professor
  • National Institute of Transportation
  • 0923631688

Academic Background
PhD (Structural Engineering) Chulalongkorn University January 06, 2020 - January 16, 2023
Honours and Awards
Development of stress-strain models for glass fiber reinforced polymer composites confined sustainable concrete made with natural and recycled aggregates February 16, 2024 Ekkachai Yooprasertchai, Panumas Saingam, Qudeer Hussain, Kaffayatullah Khan, ALI EJAZ, Suniti Suparp, Construction and Building Materials - Volume:416, Article Number: 135097
Enhancing the flexural behavior of brick masonry walls with ferrocement overlays and low-cost anchors December 01, 2023 Panumas Saingam, Hnin Hnin Hlaing, Rawirot Suwannatrai, ALI EJAZ, Qudeer Hussain, Kaffayatullah Khan, Panuwat Joyklad, Case Studies in Construction Materials - Volume:19, Article Number:e02558
Incorporation of Steel Fibers to Enhance Performance of Sustainable Concrete Made with Waste Brick Aggregates: Experimental and Regression-Based Approaches November 10, 2023 Ekkachai Yooprasertchai, Alireza Bahrami, Panumas Saingam, Qudeer Hussain, ALI EJAZ, Panuwat Joyklad, Buildings - Volume:13, Issue: 11, Article Number: 2820,
Performance Prediction of Hybrid Bamboo-Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Gene Expression Programming for Sustainable Construction October 20, 2023 Hafiz Ahmed Waqas, Alireza Bahrami, Mehran Sahil, Adil Poshad Khan, Ali Ejaz, Taimoor Shafique, Zain Tariq, Sajeel Ahmad, Yasin Onuralp Özkılıç, Materials - Volume 16, Issue 20, Article Number 6788
Experimental and Analytical Studies on Low-Cost Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer-Composite-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams: A Comparison with Carbon/Sisal Fiber-Reinforced Polymers October 09, 2023 Kittipoom Rodsin, Ali Ejaz, Qudeer Hussain, Rattapoohm Parichatprecha, Polymers - Volume 15, Issue 19, Article Number 4027
Behavior of non-prismatic RC beams with conventional steel and green GFRP rebars for sustainable infrastructure September 21, 2023 Suniti Suparp, Inam Ullah Khan, Ali Ejaz, Kaffayatullah Khan, Uruya Weesakul, Qudeer Hussain, Panumas Saingam, Scientific Reports - Volume 13, Article Number 15733
Engineering Characteristics of SBS/Nano-Silica-Modified Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures and Modeling Techniques for Rutting September 15, 2023 Inam Ullah Khan, Abdul Wahab Khattak, Alireza Bahrami, Shahab Khattak, Ali Ejaz, Buildings - Volume 13(9), Article Number 2352
Influence of natural fiber rope wrapping techniques on the compressive response of recycled aggregate concrete circular columns September 01, 2023 Panumas Saingam, Nakhorn Poovarodom, Ali Ejaz , Anne W.M. Ng, Qudeer Hussain, Panumas Saingam, Hisham Mohamad, Panuwat Joyklad, Results in Engineering - Volume 19, Article Number 101291
Load-Bearing Performance of Non-Prismatic RC Beams Wrapped with Carbon FRP Composites June 07, 2023 Suniti Suparp, Ali Ejaz, Kaffayatullah Khan , Qudeer Hussain, Panuwat Joyklad, Panumas Saingam , Sensors - Volume 23(12), Article Number 5409
Development of stress-strain models for concrete columns externally strengthened with steel clamps May 09, 2023 Ekkachai Yooprasertchai, Ali Ejaz, Panumas Saingam, Anne Wai Man Ng, Panuwat Joyklad, Construction and Building Materials - Volume 377, Article Number 131155
Experimental Investigations of Cement Clay Interlocking Brick Masonry Structures Strengthened with CFRP and Cement-Sand Mortar March 01, 2023 Panuwat Joyklad, Hafiz Ahmad Waqas, Abdul Hafeez, Nazam Ali, Ali Ejaz, Qudeer Hussain , Kaffayatullah Khan, Arissaman Sangthongtong , Panumas Saingam, Infrastructures - Volume 8, Issue 3, Article Number 59
Prediction of Stress–Strain Curves for HFRP Composite Confined Brick Aggregate Concrete under Axial Load February 08, 2023 Panumas Saingam, Ali Ejaz, Nazam Ali, Adnan Nawaz, Qudeer Hussain, Panuwat Joyklad, Polymers - Volume 15, Issue 4, Article Number 844
Strengthening of substandard lap splices using hollow steel section (HSS) collars December 01, 2022 Ali Ejaz, Anat Ruangrassamee, Pochara Kruavit, Pison Udomworarat, Anil C Wijeyewickrema, Structures - Volume 46, Pages 128-145
Low-Cost Fiber Chopped Strand Mat Composites for Compressive Stress and Strain Enhancement of Concrete Made with Brick Waste Aggregates November 03, 2022 Panuwat Joyklad , Panumas Saingam, Nazam Ali , Ali Ejaz, Qudeer Hussain, Kaffayatullah Khan , Krisada Chaiyasarn, Polymers - Volume 14, Issue 21, Article Number 4714