About Us Welcome to PG WING NICE

Welcome to PG WING NICE

PG WING NICE is a modern and progressive Civil Engineering Institute of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). The Institute was established in 1991 at Risalpur, with the aim to develop competent scientific and technical manpower having international level skills to meet the country’s need in the transportation sector.

The Institute holds the unique honor of providing integrated teaching and research facility for postgraduate work leading to award of MS /PhD degrees in the fields of Transportation Engineering and Construction Engineering & Management.

NIT is regarded as an academic as well as R&D organization, which provides engineering research support to the problems identified by national & international organizations. Presently in a nascent stage, it will ultimately emerge as a center of excellence of international repute for education, research and training in transportation and related fields.

NIT has always played a leading role amongst the elite, both within and outside Pakistan to work as a think tank, share expertise and suggest long term measures to identify and resolve the issues/ challenges being confronted, related to its mandate. The faculty of the institute has always been involved in national and international level research publications and consultancy services.

Moreover, the Institute endeavors to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge in the field of transportation infrastructure engineering. With the development of envisaged infrastructure coupled with modern tools of learning/ research and the diversity of academic programs, the Institute is well on its way to combat the challenges of next millennium.