About Us Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, greetings and welcome to the National Institute of Transportation! It is both an honor and a privilege to be a part of National Institute of Transportation –  the national engineering postgraduate-only institute that has been around for decades. Presently, it is an exciting time of revival and development within the institute, as it is commencing its inaugural semester after relocation to Risalpur. As Principal / Dean of the institute, I’m extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing practical, experience-based engineering education that our institute has upheld since its founding in 1991. Our post graduate civil engineering programs in core disciplines of transportation, structure and geotechnical engineering remained the institute’s strength. These programs are designed to inculcate innovation and intellectual novelty among our students necessary to meet the dynamic engineering challenges.

Central to the success of our students and over 518 National Institute of Transportation alumni, has been the quality and experience-based knowledge that our faculty bring into the classroom. As thought leaders in their respective domains, the knowledge and research contributions of our faculty continue to drive change at the institute.

To ensure sustainable growth, our focus is on four major pillars: Attracting and retaining  quality faculty, developing successful and innovative students, striving for research excellence, and contribute to the economic progression and development of the country. To evolve a strong research, economically sustainable foundation and meaningful existence, the institute is aiming to build a strong alliance with industry.

If you are looking for an exceptional engineering educational experience to prepare yourself as future engineer leader, the National Institute of Transportation will surely be your destination.

We hope you will join us.

Dr Wasim Irshad Kayani

Principal / Dean
National Institute of Transportation